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Please pray for me as I am in the midst of making decisions about my future and potential changes in ministry. Things are always changing and in transition on the mission field and sometimes it can be hard to know exactly where one will be of most use. I’m willing to move or change but would like the Lord make my next steps clear.
Things are coming together well for us as we adjust back to life in NZ. Dean starts his new job on 1st July with "Heli Maintenance” - a small company in Christchurch providing helicopter maintenance services to a variety of small operators in the central South Island. We are most grateful for this provision. With that security, Kaylene will now more actively seek employment assisting refugee & migrant women. We are really enjoying being around family again and soaking up some time with our grandies including our newest Archie. Please pray for us as we adapt back to "normal" life in NZ, re-learn NZ cultural values (and prices!), re-establish friendships and decide what things to commit our time to.
Unfortunately, I received some misinformation regarding the status of my visa paperwork and some major setbacks were also not communicated to me. This was disappointing as I was under the impression it was going smoothly. Pray for paperwork miracles and for grace in late acceptance of the application by immigration. Pray for the process to occur and be complete before expiry of my current visa on July 26.
Pray for us both as we face end of unit language assessments in the coming week. This is the last unit for Kirstie, but Richard will continue for one more five-week unit. Pray for clarity and resolution as Kirstie is in the process of discussing the possibility of working with an anti-trafficking NGO in Siem Reap. Richard's father has recently gone into permanent care which is an answer to prayer. However please pray for peace and comfort for his Mum as she grieves.
Please continue to pray for our family transition back to New Zealand in July and finalising up many details here in Orlando.
Our family have re-located back to Phnom Penh and have settled in the city. Wayne will be working with Alongsiders part-time (at Shalom Valley Camp) while we continue to seek God for future direction. Wayne is currently at Shalom Valley to support the catering staff who are serving the Alongsiders Asian Leadership Team this week. We would value prayer for him. Please also pray for God-ordained connections, that we would be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and for peace and patience in this time. Thank you.
Please pray for the couple in Central Asia I & L. They would appreciate prayer for language learning. For the couple we have in West Asia, G & R, please pray that the gospel conversations they have would be fruitful. Pray for T & S, currently completing Bible College, as they apply to work with us in Central Asia from next year. Please pray for Steve as speaks at Church on Vogel on July 14th.
Kindly pray for full salvation of the Mori Family. Cousins of a local sister "believe" and want us to conduct the interment of family bones on July 15th. Simultaneously, Sister Oka will bury her middle-aged son. Though fraught with tensions, ceremonies present opportunities to evangelise. Please help by praying.
Simon and Anni are spending the midyear college break (Indonesia follows northern hemisphere school dates) with their family in New Zealand. Simon is working on his doctoral thesis. Please pray for Simon to continue to make really good progress on the thesis and for their family to have meaningful time together. They head back mid-July.
Praise the Lord for the green light to use a facility in Wellington as a place for running events to reach Israeli travellers during the summer months. Pray that we will be aligned with God’s plans and purposes on how best to run these events.