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We are a family of 64 experiencing the goodness of God day by day. By God’s grace we have food and clothing - and much more! We are well and have space for the children to run and play. Sarah keeps them happily occupied and I am happy in my ‘isolation’. And we have a Wonderful Fortress into which we can run! My Passport is ‘on hold’ in Singapore. The application for visa is due. We value your continued prayer.
We’ve been in NZ now for three weeks and are joining the rest of you in lockdown. We are thankful to have a home to stay in and a church family that is supporting us. Wayne is awaiting medical appointments and some tests, but obviously things are delayed during this uncertain time. We are thankful for this gift of space and time and are choosing to use it as wisely as we can. We would value prayer for Wayne, that he would experience full healing and that we would be clear about God’s will for our future.
May God use this corona virus to make millions fear Him, especially now at Easter. "Oh, that they were wise; that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end." May God use our next advertisement to draw 100,000 potential readers to Himself. This is big and Satan's opposition is insidiously assiduously insistent. Locally we're still free; praise God.
Please pray for the staff at Richard's NGO as there have been a number of key staff members who have left recently. Pray for the staff and students as they adapt to online learning and the challenges this brings. Pray for wisdom for the Christians in Cambodia as they respond to the increasing need brought about by the loss of jobs due to Covid-19. Pray also for those running small businesses and NGOs as they try to work out how to survive the coming months. Pray for increased grace for us as we negotiate the challenges brought about by Covid-19 and for opportunities to share God's love with those around us.
Please pray for the People International Australia (PIA) couple in Central Asia in self-isolation. Pray for our Pacific Island PIA single lady in West Asia who needs to raise funds for an operation on a tumour in her wrist. Pray for wisdom as we manage the coronavirus crisis with home and field staff. Please pray that all our staff can stay financially afloat.
Praise God that during this C-19 isolation time Simon’s Bible commentaries are walking out the door, both students and staff are reading them. Please pray for the students here at the Missionary and Bible Training Centre, especially the ones in the final year. The students are forced to study on their own in their own homes. Everyone is still on campus, but we are not able to meet together. The program continues with recorded classes and book study. Please pray for continued stability in the wider community.
Please pray for us as we (like everyone!) manage lots online with video calls, care for our teams around the world, and make changes to international events and travels!
We continue to be thankful to God for the opportunity to serve Him in the beautiful Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The Christian Leaders’ Training College (CLTC) of PNG is in lockdown for two months as is Papua New Guinea. We are safe living and working on a 400-acre farm which supports the theological education arm of the college. We are so very blessed to be living and working in a Christian community of around 500+ Melanesian people. Please pray for wisdom for the PNG Government, police and army as they work to keep PNG safe from COVID-19 entering PNG. Please pray for us as we continue to work as best we can in an ever increasingly restrictive context due to COVID-19. Please pray for wisdom for our leaders in PNG and CLTC as they work to lead us safely through this global health emergency.
Christian Camping worldwide has been seriously impacted. The 2020 global gathering due to be held in Sydney at the end of April/early May has been cancelled, bringing serious challenges unpicking the sponsorships, 250 registrations and flights from many countries around the world. Finances were tight already and this puts even more pressure on as most airlines are only offering credits and not refunds. Many camps around the world are under significant financial pressure and up to 30% are facing liquidation unless benefactors can be found. Some camps are reinventing to become providers of food or accommodation, but ministry camps are largely on hold worldwide. Please pray for both the staff and the boards of camps as they work to overcome the ministry and financial challenges. Many are gearing up to run camps if possible, as soon as permission is given by their governments. International travel is out for the CCI coaches, so we can only encourage and connect online, and pray that Camping ministries can survive this challenge.
This week a humanitarian clause was added to the declaration list of reasons you can leave your house, so we were able to make food parcels for various pockets of the community. The Selah team want to be able to get food to the Selah kids quietly, so it won’t cause a riot. We can meet them a few streets out from where they live. Nationally the cases are up to 3864 and 148. There are a couple of localities now under full lockdown. No one goes in or out of those cities. In recent weeks 250,000 citizens have returned from abroad and mostly red-zone countries. My friend's father who you also prayed for and his wife are doing well, and his wife is now safely home. Last week we also heard that the govt. paper that I need for my visa should be sent this week so that is good news, praise God! Pray for God's grace, mercy and protection over the rest of this process. Thank you for praying, your prayers make a difference and are so needed!
We have paused all ship outreaches until further notice and sent everyone home for the time being. We were fortunate to get them all back with their families, where they belong before the airlines closed. Please pray for our mission to be able to sustain our funds through this time. The revenue from all our student tuition along with all our amazing volunteers being with us on board has obviously all halted, but the bills still need to be covered somehow. We are ones that go to isolated islands and see first-hand families living without options. We are eager to return to work and know first-hand when a YWAM Ship turns up, change begins!
Please pray for those Israelis who have chosen to wait it out here in NZ staying with CMNZ team members, at the Zula, and with other hosts. Pray the Lord might use this time as an opportunity to bring them to faith in Messiah. Pray also for the CMNZ team as we shift to producing online content to encourage believers during these challenging times.
Please pray for our language teacher Ate Mimi, and for her husband Kuya Dodong, who is in hospital with a numb arm. Pray for the Lord’s healing, for wisdom for his doctors, for peace and provision at this time. Please pray as Andrew gives a sermon this Wednesday. The topic is the Authority in Jesus’ name. Pray for wisdom and confidence as he shares from God’s Word. He will be videoed at our church TJFM and it will be uploaded later in the month. Pray for the work begun to develop the SMI future ministry evangelism content. Pray for God’s wisdom and insight as we work from home. Please pray for Jesse. This last week he has been waking 3-4 times in the night, often waking up at 4.30-5am.Pray for good, settled sleep. He is also missing our nanny Ate Riza. It is a challenging time for so many around the world with the Covid-19 outbreak. We are in community quarantine but are still able to travel to the supermarket and take Jesse out for walks where we live.