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Our Ni Van friend Hendry who is doing seasonal work in Katikati at present, invited us to do a SOWERS program with the team of men he is supervising. It was a very positive meeting with several making decisions for Christ. The 14 men present loved the way we presented the Good News and asked us to go back weekly for more meetings. This is also an opportunity for Hendry to be trained up further so that when he goes back to Vanuatu, he can train others. Pray for Hendry as he disciples the new believers so that they will grow as Christians. We have obtained some Emmaus courses and Bibles for them. The little church where John preached during our brief stay in Kathmandu, Nepal, had a baptism last week - in a drum of water! Praise God that despite persecution, the work goes on. In Manipur, our friends commented that they will not stop preaching the gospel, even if they are imprisoned, because they can share the Good News with the prisoners!
After two months in PNG we are now in our final week and working at Erima Christian Centre. It’s always a busy week in a large city church. Pray that we will finish well. We are feeling tired but facing the challenges in this country does drain you physically and mentally. Our brothers and sisters here are always lovingly concerned about us.
A couple of weeks ago, some of us who are working on the Eastern Tawbuid Bible translation completed and began distributing a booklet that explains the gospel in Tawbuid. The booklet is aimed at the many Tawbuid people who have some Bible knowledge, but don't understand how to be saved. Pray for the people who have been reading the booklet - may the Holy Spirit make them receptive to its message.
Thanks so much for your prayers. The leadership training went well, and I (Rick) learnt a lot. I also enjoyed getting to know other leaders in our organisation. Please continue to pray as we finish up area meetings in Asia, for the right decisions to be made and continued face to face connections that are vital as we work together. I head on from here to meet up with a core group, where we are investigating new possibilities of work and ministry, with lined up meetings with key people to solidify more self-sustainable ministry. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom, the right questions to be asking and quality time with the right key people.
Pray for Murray and for the translation team of refugees in Europe as they continue to work together for the rest of this month, checking the accuracy of their translation draft of the Psalms. Pray for God’s help to find all the bits that need to be corrected or improved.