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  • Why take a year out?
    It just makes sense! High school can be really full on and by the end of it you haven't always had a chance to think through next steps. The transition into adulthood is an exciting and challenging time. This is when you really own your own beliefs and make a load of decisions that are pretty important for further down the track. We think it makes sense to stop and think - to get your feet firmly in Christ, know what you believe and why, and what your values are. What is the right career track for you? Too many people get caught up in the rat race of life, forget God and make bad choices. We know Headspace is not for everyone, but we also know what a huge difference it can make, now and for your future.
  • What does it cost?
    In 2020 the fee is $12,150 and covers the teaching, food, accommodation and 10 weeks travel offshore. You earn a huge chunk of your fees (approx $6,000) during the Work Experience Block which means the deposit is quite low. GC3 (who run Headspace) generously subsidise the cost of the programme, which means the fee is much lower than the actual cost for each person. However, if payment is going to be an issue please contact the Youth Director to talk over some options to make this achievable.
  • Where is Headspace?
    There is no single base that Headspace is run from. Rather, you travel with the team around various parts of New Zealand and overseas. In the past we have stayed in Christian camps in Auckland and the Waikato, been billeted in Cambridge and visited a number of other places!
  • How many people do you accept?
    We work together to select a team of approximately 10-15 Gappers. Once the full leadership team, including Interns, is assembled there could be around 18-20 as a total team.
  • What are the entry requirements?
    There are no specific requirements but you must show that you are committed to working hard, making the most of every opportunity, and being committed to all aspects of the programme. We're more interested in who you are and why you want to do Headspace. Each applicant goes through an interview process and we ask you to provide two character referees. Ideally you will be aged between 17 and 19 and have completed study up to NCEA Level 2. We do consider applications outside of these guidelines if we can see that you can cope with and make the most of everything the Headspace year has to offer. There is a study component to Headspace that includes the "Perspectives: On the World Christian Movement" course as well as lectures from respected Christian Leaders and speakers. Our leadership team are committed to giving help to Gappers where needed if they are willing to commit to do their best.
  • When does Headspace start and finish?
    Headspace starts in late February and finishes in early November. Specific dates change from year to year and we confirm those in December.
  • When can I apply?
    Right now! Headspace has two application closure dates. The first is usually in June, and the second is early December. Give us a call and we are more than happy to chat with you about the options.

INTERN 2017 & 2018

Being an intern gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into God's word through study, develop mentoring skills, and learn more about myself while on the crazy adventure that Headspace is! I really enjoy the community aspect of Headspace - it is such a unique opportunity to be known on a deeper level and be a part of the exciting growth and change in others throughout the year.