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  • How can I get a copy of the Daily Prayer Guide?
    It's easy. Just contact our GC3 office to request a copy.
  • I'd like to start up a missions team in my church. How can I do that and where can I find some information?
    That's very exciting! Contact Russell Thorp, missionsdirector@gc3.org.nz. He would love to hear from you and can arrange a time to come visit your church to discuss how to develop your vision. Also, click here for resources that may assist in forming a mission catalyst team.
  • Why should I give to mission partners through GCiM instead of paying straight into their bank accounts?
    We have a proven and effective system to distribute funds overseas, handling over $2.4 million each year. By sending funds through us, you will be building in to our wider vision (see next question/answer) and these gifts will always be forwarded on as designated by the donor. Also, we can collate the funds from multiple sources on a monthly basis so that when mission partners receive it there is only one transaction fee at their end.
  • What is the 8% administration fee used for?
    We want to be transparent with our charges. That way you can be certain how much is sent to mission partners. As explained in our WHAT WE DO section, we provide a wide range of assistance and support to mission partners and churches, including administrative provision, member care and consultancy services. A significant contribution is also given to our youth gap year programme, Headspace. You are therefore investing into a wider mission context.
  • How can I be listed the Daily Prayer Guide?
    First, you will need to check if you are eligible. As a general rule of thumb, our mission partners are long term (over two years on the field) and 'live by faith' without a set income/salary. Underpinning every entry is a valid commendation from their supporting church(es) which provides legitimacy to the mission partner and their ministry across our network of churches. We have three separate listing categories that you may fall under: Living and working overseas; Based in New Zealand but travelling overseas; Living and working in New Zealand. Contact Sefton Marshall, operationsdirector@gc3.org.nz if you are considering serving God full-time or for resources to assist the commendation process.
  • Can I get into the Daily Prayer Guide if I am going on a short term mission?
    In short, no. However, we can notify people through e-Connect when you are going and where you are headed. Contact Sefton Marshall, operationsdirector@gc3.org.nz for our criteria for listing.
  • I'd like to go on a short term mission trip, where can I find a team going?
    I'd like to organise a group from my church to go on a short term trip, where can I find some information or training to help me? Contact Russell Thorp, missionsdirector@gc3.org.nz or you can touch base with other organisations that specialise in short term trips.
  • How can we better support our overseas mission partners?
    There are always areas for improvement but it's great to continually push onwards and upwards for the sake of the Kingdom. For some stimulating ideas about practices that foster effective mission. It is vital to keep communication up with your mission partners and listen to their needs... it goes without saying that listening to the Holy Spirit is the best thing you can do.
In Papua New Guinea, for over 8 years we lived by the sea. Its sounds, whether thundering crashes over rocks or reefs, or swishing wavelets sweeping up the beaches, were parts of our subconscious. The waves constantly invited us to listen to their restless mobility and persistent efforts to invade the land they had come up against. Psalm 93 is an invitation to consider God in the image of towering rocks above a stormy ocean. The psalm implicitly acknowledges that the Creator God who at the beginning produced, and then divided land from water (Gen 1:9), is still in control of all. In fact, the strength and solidity of the rocks and mountains, as well as the mobility and pounding of the...